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Lucidni izvedenec

Pridružen/-a: Sob, 14. Jun 2003 14:34
Prispevkov: 3707
Kraj: Primorska

PrispevekObjavljeno: Tor 22. Jul 2003 11:42 Odgovori s citatomNazaj na vrh

Povzetek (dolg) projekta, ki smo ga imeli na Sealife forumu prejšnji mesec. Tudi sam sem parkrat omenjen. Wink Laughing
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Lucidni izvedenec<br>Administrator
Lucidni izvedenec

Pridružen/-a: Sob, 14. Jun 2003 14:34
Prispevkov: 3707
Kraj: Primorska

PrispevekObjavljeno: Tor 22. Jul 2003 11:43 Odgovori s citatomNazaj na vrh

The Waves: 04. Journey to Mt. Shasta
Spectral Moon (May 30 to June 26, 2003)
Š 2003 Nick Cumbo

The Waves is a newsletter reporting on the explorations of the Sea Life community. Sea Life, the main web forum at Dreampeace, aims to bring together a circle of dreamers from around the globe, collaborating in mutual dreaming adventures, and ‘dreaming with and for the earth itself’

Link: http://www.dreamofpeace.net/

This moon, we’ll be looking at our dream journeys to the magnificent and mysterious Mt. Shasta. From magical and mutual dream adventures, to the presence of underground cave systems inside the mountain. Through collaboration with Dream Alliance, we take our first big step into the exploration of Mt. Shasta.


“The Mt. Shasta area in northern California (70 miles South of the Oregon border) is regarded as one of the major spiritual areas on earth. Mt. Shasta has been written about in numerous books detailing hundreds, if not thousands, of appearances of UFO’s, angels, masters and other remarkable spiritual experiences that have taken place in this area. Even the origin of the name, "Shasta," is clothed in mystery. Some say that Mount Shasta was actually named by French fur trappers who called it chaste, meaning "pure." Or, it could have received its name from the Tshastel Indians who lived in the area. The Sanskrit word Shasta means one who lives according to divine law.” (Quantum Quests)

A little while back I met, John, a member of a 9-member lucid dreaming group, in a small town in Arizona, through a message he'd posted to the World Dreams Peace Bridge:

"Here's my recent dream and how I got here. I spent the waking day before my dream looking up ways in which my dream group could link up with like-minded dream people in helping to bring about World Peace. I found several sites in Mexico and Canada that seemed promising. That night, I dreamed that a Native American man named Art came and sat down to play drums with me. (In the waking world Art and I have played at ceremonies and gatherings. Art is the great grandson of the Apache chief, Geronimo).

After we played drums in the dream, Art told me that his tribe supports the work that we are doing and then he gave me a word as a gift. The word is "dreampeace". When I woke up I looked up dreampeace on the internet and found your group. I am part of a small (9 member) lucid dream group in a small town in the mountains of So. Arizona."

Very excited by the chain of events which had led John in our direction, I replied that our site was in fact called 'Dreampeace'. A month or so later, John invited our group to share Mt.Shasta as a mutual dream destination with the Dream Alliance.

"My wife and I camped at the base of Mt. Shasta a few years ago and that night I dreamed that the mountain was a huge castle. There was no way in unless I scaled the wall all the way to the top. The castle was huge, reaching almost a mile straight up and I just didn't have the courage to scale it alone. If I had been lucid I could've flown to the top. Anyway, with friends I think we could make it into the castle and I'm absolutely sure the adventure would be worth it.” Contact me when your team is ready and the Dream Alliance will join you in the Great Mt. Shasta Adventure."


It didn’t take long before we began to have some success. The first to have any luck was Ascension (Nick). In his dream he found himself in the back garden of a house he was apparently living in, which in turn was situated at the bottom of a golf course. Which was strange of course, since Ascension didn’t live anywhere near a golf course in waking life.

“I wander out onto the golf course, and survey the greens, which gradually slope up and into the distance from me. The course however seems quite small, I can easily see it's boundaries to my left and right, which are marked by trees. It apppears to be deserted, not a soul in sight. It is cloudy overhead and looks like it will rain. Suddenly the clouds break all around me, and rapidly disperse. Bright sunshine illuminates the landscape for many miles around, revealing the splendor of a mountain range in the distance, to the right of the golf course. Around the golf course I now see many lush valleys and wooded areas, which gradually lead to the foot of the mountain range. I am spellbound by the beauty of the mountain, now clearly visible against the blue sky.”

After waking from the dream (in which he soon became lucid), Ascension decided to do a search on Mt Shasta and golf courses, to see what might turn up. He was immediately surprised, after clicking on the first link. There, staring at him in the face, was a golf course situated at the foot of the mountains, with forests and valleys in between. Ascension added, “Believe me when I say that apart from the single picture that was posted, I have never seen or read anything else about this mountain. In fact, early this morning was the first I had ever heard of it, so to see this golf course with the mountains as a backdrop as it was in my dream is quite fascinating”

Ascension wasn’t the only one to express amazement at the sheer beauty of the mountain. Strawin (Valter) also managed to visit it in a lucid dream, reporting his shock at just how large it was. In fact Strawin managed the journey twice in the same night! “Alright! Now that was cool! What a mountain! I've never seen anything that big in my life nor in my dreams! That was truly a magnificent sight!”. Apparently, upon looking flipping backwards, and looking back up at the mountain, all he saw were two giant sculptures of two young scholars from their waist up, facing away with their bags on their back. It’s interesting to ponder, if there was any significance to that.

Other’s such as EynKiora stumbled upon similarly strange bits of knowledge. “Theres a huge mountain there, and I fly to the highest point I can get to. Here I begin to lose lucidity. I see a place a few feet higher up than where I am, and I climb up to it. I see a boy (teen) climbing with his father. I feel like I'm watching the boy and am the boy at the same time. He fall down a hole, and lands on something soft, and starts to look at it. His father tells him not to, its a corpse he (the father) found when he was climbing as a child, of a man shot and killed during the war in the 40s. I separate from this scene and fly off, I see four very regular rectangular stone things sticking out of the top of the mountain. The best way I can think of describing it, is a side view of four pieces of toast sticking out of a four piece toaster.”


Initially our project didn’t have all that much focus. Guided meditation, can be a great source of knowledge, and especially helpful when used in combination with dreaming. It can clearly direct oneself to interesting lines of research. In my meditation on Mt Shasta, I was given an image of a two doorways. One lay above a vertical line, the other directly below. The image gains more value, when we look at the reports of others who’ve previously dreamed of Mt. Shasta. As an example we have this dream from Dee, who runs the amazing Great Dreams website:

“I float into another massive room that has a huge fireplace built into one wall and built with smaller golden fieldstone. Above the mantle of the fireplace, it reads MT. SHASTA. From this room, I can see other rooms through the doors, but they are all down from this level. All the other rooms are underground.”

Then, there are the legends of “the mysterious people who supposedly live inside the mountain. They are said to be descendants of an ancient society from Lemuria, a lost continent that sunk eons ago. These Lemurians supposedly live deep inside the mountain in apartments plated with gold. In this secret colony, they preserve their ancient customs. Lemurians are commonly described as graceful and tall -- seven feet and up -- with long, flowing hair.”

Another man reported that he fell asleep on Mt. Shasta, to be awakened by a Lemurian who led him inside the mountain to his “cave, which was paved with gold.” The Lemurian told the man that there were a series of tunnels left by volcanoes that were under the earth like freeways -- a world within a world.” (Out West Newspaper)

By chance, EkawaAwake happened to report this dream, which certainly seemed to relate:

“I was the god of molten rock and caves. I was the care-taker of a human village of poets.The Earth God,the first god,wanted to kill my people. He shook the land in a great earthquake. Only Two people escaped to my caves. I wanted to go out and try to stop the Earth God, but I knew that my power was less than his because I controlled but a small part of the earth,and he controlled the whole of it. I stood just inside my caves mouth as I watched my people crushed beneath the land which had once nurtured them so carefully into being. I said to myself,"I must not go out, somehow I must remain."

This is a wonderful quality of dreaming; it gives us the ability to look through another’s eyes. Could it be that the dream, was retelling in a rather poetic way an ancient legend of the land? That’s a possibilty I’m drawn to, though there are certainly many more. In any case it gave a fascinating insight into the relationship between the spirits of the land.


In Pilot’s (Albert) dream he uncovered a valuable technique, that seemed to suggest the use of lighting as a magical aid to our journeying.

There are about 7 or 8 symbols on my forearm that indicate the levels of sorcery, and I look up to see that my mom gave me a new job. The place is a castle and we are serving the king and queen and their people. I see them setting up large cakes as people walk in. I'm really happy to be making a bit of money. All the people decide to leave since there is a war about to happen. Me and this girl are supposed to team up and use magick, so we wait atop a structure and get hit by lightning, and I watch ourselves from third person. The lightning is supposed to initiate the magick, and then I join in the battle inside a big cavern and outside the castle. I pretend to be axing people in the chest as I walk around. The fight was decided from the start to be in our favor, so we win.”

Interestingly CCHawk reported a similar sword battle inside a maze. After finally coming to some kind of victory, a man who’d begun pouring healing water on the victims, told him to look up. To his surprise, CCHawk looked up above him to see a mountain he immediately recognised; Mt. Shasta. The theme of these battles was made even more obvious by John’s reply:

“The dream about the castle rings true, because when I had the dream I knew that there were forces inside the castle that must be overcome inside the castle that must be overcome in order for us to gain entrance. I knew I couldn’t climb the walls and fight the forces by myself”


In another dream, I was talking to a friend, Katia, who’s actually Portugese. I like to think of her appearance as rather symbolic, as Katia certainly didn’t know about our dream journey to Mt. Shasta.

“She is telling me about this Chilean rock. I get the feeling it was a family possession, perhaps it was from a dead relative. It appears as though she didn't get to keep the rock forever, but that she merely got to hold it. She then continues, "That night, the rock came to me in a dream". By now, she's certainly got hold of my attention (it’s a dream! wow!)

Apparently the rock told her about the 'pollution inside Mt. Shasta'. She describes the blackness, and I get a mental image of an smokey/oily film like layer. She talks about how one can stay near/in it, and travel through the caves, while remaining separate from it.”

This certainly was fascinating. My intention for dreaming, had been to meet a Lemurian Being, and these words of wisdom for our journey sure seemed to link in. Little did I expect, to have another dream the same night:

“I see Katia again, and immediately am reminded of the dream I just had. I first ask her if she has a Chilean Rock (though I may have said Ring). She laughs a little, and says no. But then she continues, "Though last night I did have a dream". I’m very excited by now, and am about to jump in with my story. Yet, I decide to hold back. I wanna see how her story unfolds.

I get the feeling she was contacted by higher spiritual guidance, whose words she seems to be repeating for me. I remember her saying "Considering OUR FUTURE is on the BRIGHT side", and then singing twice and softly "she's breaking up for us”

I woke, marvelling at the beauty of the dream. I had the impression that it may have been the mountain or the forces of the mountain were opening up for us. This seemed to be confirmation that the spirits had given us permission to enter the mountain.

Just a few days ago, my ex-girlfriend has purchased a set of crystal cards, that are used for divination. Each has a series of images of different crystals, along with the name of a particular attribute that belonged to them. The concept behind them is that through meditation, one can come into contact with the energy field of the Earth, and further come into resonance with the teachings / attributes of each crystal. One chooses a series of cards, by simply feeling out whichever they are attracted to.

After quickly getting up to write down the details of my previous dream, I dropped back, and soon after fell into a relaxed, meditative state. Immediately, a mental impression of being given two crystal cards. The second of which was labelled “Darkness”. An inner voice spoke, “There’s cover in here”.


Greyfyre’s (Jessica) became conscious that she was dreaming, and got the urge to call out the name “Cryprus”, so she did, immediately receiving the attention of a grypon; a mythological creature generally seen as being of great intellegence and wisdom.

“Out of the mural wall, gliding in, comes that same white gryphon from the last dream. It is about 12" to the shoulder and about 16" to the top of it's head. It lands on the bed of the room and feels very sweet and innocent. It is definately very young. I sit down next to it, and start to stroke it; paying very close attention so that I can remember it’s appearance better when I wake up.

I get the impression that the gryphon is male, and I notice that his eyes are a golden yellow color and that his wings are more gray than white though the rest of his feathers are extreamly white. The little gryphon is just so adorable in nature that I want to stay there and play with him but I also really want to do the projects we have lined up. I tell the little gryphon that I'm going to go do the Mt. Shasta project, and he seems excited and wants to come, so I pick him up. I go out a door that appeared where there was a wall earlier and find on the otherside a hallway with hundreds of doors going endlessly to the left and to the right.

I just go up to the second door on the left (since it didn't really matter which door I chose) and started to focus on the word 'Shambhala'. I’m not sure where it came from; just vaguely remember hearing it in the dream. I know I was using it to mean Mt Shasta.”

Unfortunately, Greyfyre ended up being interrupted by a rude dream character. However, she not only met a beautiful mythological creature to share her dreams with, but her dream seemed to link into another wonderful idea.

“Shambhala was a geographic location, a seat of inspiration where the Buddha taught the Kalachakra Tantra, the Tantra of the Wheel of Time. In the mythology of Pon, the native religion of Tibet, Shambhala was a Central Asian kingdom, the origin and center of the world whence issued all spiritual energies.” (shambhala.com)

Even more fascinating, is that another site on Mt Shasta actually had this to say:

“This is the New Shambhala. Many people are coming to the Mt. Shasta area, drawn by a similar vision. There are spiritual centers, retreats, classes and people drawn to this place of harmony with nature. Come to share your part in the New Shambhala.” (Quantum Quests)

Soon after, Greyfyre had another Shambhala dream, once again drawing on the strong mythological connection that has become quite a trademark of her dreaming:

“There's a rich guy who's company did some digging or something in the ground. They found these tunnels and met some gnomes who lived deep inside the earth. Jack O'neil of SG-1 (Stargate) turns up to investigate since they think the gnomes came from another world or something to that effect. He and his team get acess to the gnomes who are still being held inside the rich guy's headquarters.

I know that they talked about some special place within the earth (when they talked about it I got the visual impression of a sparkling enormous underground cavern with all kinds of plant life) and also about dreaming. From what the gnomes said, dreaming is a pretty important part of their culture. I'm also fairly certain that someone mentioned Mt. Shasta and Shambahala in the same sentence.

They leave to go back and figure out what to do, though it seems decided that the company has to stop digging underground and leave the gnomes alone. While they are back talking about it to their superior officer they get word that something bad happened back at the company's on site headquarters. The company owner doesn't want them let in but the security guy doesn't care anymore. They find out that the company's digging or holding captive of the gnomes, had upset the gnomes very badly and interrupted one of their rituals. Though I don't remember exactly how they handled it, I get the sense that in the same vein as the tv show everything turned out alright.

At the very end I remember the team talking about the special area within the earth and someone saying that the gnomes must have found it to survive, but Dr. Jackson disagreed saying that the fact that they were still digging around is proof enough that they haven't. He says something about checking out Mt. Shasta”


How we came about working with the Dream Alliance, on the Mt. Shasta project, was a miracle all on it’s own. Yet, the mutual dreaming didn’t end there. First there was this message to me, from John:

“Had a short dream last nite, I wasn't lucid but it may be of interest. Dreamed I was camping on a mountainside with others. Saw a large log suspended horizontally in the air. A young man, 20 yrs. old, was standing on the log, spinning it with his feet the way lumberjacks do. On his shoulders stood another young man who was lifting a heavy object over his head. It was amazing. Two young magician/daredevils on the mountain. I thought one of them may have been you.”

Eagerly, I sent off a picture of myself to John. To which he replied, “You were the guy standing on the other guy’s shoulders”. As if to confirm the truth of the message, I instantly received a shiver of light through my body. However, at this point, we’re still waiting on the identity of the other magician J

John’s next dream was a great example of mutual dreaming, and was certainly an inspiration to my own interest in the area:

“I awakened and called for my dream team members. Two of them showed up and I asked them to look at their hands to make them lucid, like I was. They did and we then walked outside joined hands and began flying to Mt. Shasta. I felt we were flying too low at first and we started to fly higher when we flew into the window of a 2 story building. We walked through the room and jumped out the window on the other side of the room only to find that we were thousands of feet in the air.

I was halfway out the window when Kate and I looked down and found we were thousands of feet in the air. I felt her shock run thru me and said "Just......Breathe". At this point my waking life cat knocked over something in the kitchen and woke me up. I knew immediately that the building that we has passed thru was the inner plane of Mt. Shasta. One of the dreamers I was with (in the dream) had a dream of jumping off of a high rock ledge that same night.”

In another of my own dreams, I asked ‘The Waves’, to guide me to Mt. Shasta. Awaking, I began to read something that looked like a post to Sea Life. The only difference, being that the interface came through in black and white outline format. It was by a woman, and read, “To ask questions of your own, let me suggest a form I use personally”. Apparently, a brown crystal.

I got the feeling from this dream that the brown crystal was a form that could be used to enter into communication with Mt. Shasta. What made this whole concept really interesting, was that soon after I received a post from John (who hadn’t yet read my dream).

“A friend of our dream group is now traveling in California and we gave her a piece from a quartz crystal cluster to place on Mt. Shasta. We have the rest of the cluster on the altar where we have our dream meetings here in Arizona. She arrives in Mt. Shasta tomorrow June 24, so we can all follow the crystal energy path to find our way to the mountain.”

And guess what type of crystal it was?, “a brown/gray smokey quartz crystal”. Amazing. Considering John’s friend Jean, hadn’t actually checked the forum, it seems quite possible that my dream picked up on the knowledge through psychic phenomena. Perhaps the simple black and white post, was a symbol to help demonstrate this. The crystal trail to Mt. Shasta, is certainly a wonderful idea!

In one of my final few journeys to Mt Shasta, I become conscious that I was dreaming.

“I lean back and begin singing. "I wanna travel to Mt Shasta”, I repeat it quite a number of times, finally calling on my higher self to guide me there. It works! I'm away. Floating through the astral. I finally emerge, and I find myself on a mountain face. Yet my attention isn't drawn to the mountain itself.

There's a circular graveyard type place - a memorial. I get the feeling it's for the beings who live under the ground, in Mt Shasta. There's a really vibrant energy surrounding me. I feel like I've been drawn here for some special purpose. There are perhaps 8-10 tombstones placed around the circle. My attention is drawn to the first; my mind kind of zooms in.

I instantly have this strange impression that I actually saw an image of this circle tombstone area on the internet, in waking life. It's a feeling that I had in fact been warned about what was to happen. The grave has a special message on it: "ID=125". This seems to have some real importance. It almost feels as though the ground is going to open up for me. The tombstone radiates light in all directions, it's energy touching me. It’s beautiful!”

Initially, I’d actually wondered if perhaps this was like some graveyard for the beings who lived inside the mountain. I sure wasn’t expecting John’s reply. Apparently, his street address was Tombstone Canyon. Amazing! That made even more sense. His dream group has 9 people in it – what if they were the beings living (at least in their dreams) under the mountain.

The actual street number was also extremely similar, but for some reason I wasn’t entirely sure about a link there. Strawin filled me in with the necessary details, though it was only when writing this article up that the realisation actually came through.

As it turns out a recent project, completed by one of the dream teams was on dream-based discover of one’s ‘Animal Totems’. And it’s ID, was 125. Seems awfully fitting then to include this final message from John, which seems to highlight the healing power and wisdom of Mt. Shasta:

“One of our dreamers, Jane, dreamed that she entered a cave at Mt. Shasta with a group of people. It was kind of like a class inside, with a female teacher. She gave everyone in the class a
card of their own. Jane's card had lions on it. She's had lion dreams lately and is looking for the courage to make a big change in her life. Mt. Shasta has helped her find that courage.”

This project turned out to be quite a fascinating adventure, and a great demonstration of the benefits of collaboration between dream groups. What a magical journey!


Stay tuned next moon for the results of our research into ‘Children’s Dreams’. In the meantime dreamers are invited to contact Nick (Explora), with their dream experiences of Mt Shasta. We’re always looking for new people to join us in our adventures, so if it sounds like fun, please consider the offer.

Email: explora@dreamofpeace.net
Forum: http://www.dreamofpeace.net/sealife


Link: http://www.shambhala.com/

Great Dreams: Holograms
Link: http://www.greatdreams.com/holograms.htm

Sacred Texts Online: A Dweller On Two Planets
Link: http://www.sacred-texts.com/atl/dtp

World Dream Bank: Mt. Shasta
Link: http://www.worlddreambank.org/S/SHASTAOC.HTM
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Lucidni izvedenec<br>Administrator
Lucidni izvedenec

Pridružen/-a: Sob, 14. Jun 2003 14:34
Prispevkov: 3707
Kraj: Primorska

PrispevekObjavljeno: Sre 23. Jul 2003 14:51 Odgovori s citatomNazaj na vrh

Če se komu da brati, spodaj so moje sanje, ki sem jih sanjal za ta projekt (ANG, niso predolge Wink):


14. Crystal Moon (12/jun/03)

First thing: I started the Mt. Shasta project (yes, I know it's a day early... ). I must emphasize that I put quite some effort into this the previous night. I printed the text and photos of Mt. Shasta and when going to bed I imagined the mountain, when I woke up I induced hypnogogics about it too. I also did a WBTB.

WBTB (6:30 - 7Bravo5)

First sight of Mt. Shasta (8:05)

Near a neighbour's garden, basically at the village square. I don't exactly recall how this situation occured but I wanted to induce WILD in-dream, by looking at my hands. It was kinda blurry, so I looked at my hands and slowly the picture began to stabilize, I was at the square and I got lucid! It worked, I'm in the dream now! I turned to see the houses on the left and tried to concentrate, relax and breathe slowly and deeply. It was sunny. Mt. Shasta, ok, let's do it! So I tried to imagine the mountain and turned at the houses on my right (the slope is left -> right from my position, so on the right I can see the nearby hills over those houses). As I turn to look over the houses.... My goodness what is that!?!! That must be the most gigantic mountain I have ever seen! I had to turn my head waaay up to see the top of it! The thing spanned across the entire horizon! Must have been 10 times higher than the hills in RL! It was so near! Like... no more that 2 kms away! But as I had to look way up, I somehow flipped backwards and landed back on my feet. I looked at the mountain again, except this time there was no mountain there, but giant sculptures of two young scholars from their waist up, facing away with their bags on their back, hands holding the bags' belts! Doh! What is this now.. They were colored like the mountain, greenish at the bottom, white at the top. Aw, this ain't cool. I closed my eyes to try to paint a different scene and then opened them again, but there was only blackness now. I had no anchor point, lucidity began to fade. I tried to picture a scene coming down from above my head and it somehow started working. A scene of an office started to appear, at first very black, then it slowly started to gain colors and slowly "materializing". Before it is complete and stable I wake up.

Alright! Now that was cool! Very Happy What a mountain! I've never seen anything that big in my life nor in my dreams! Very Happy That was truly a magnificent sight! I could've put a little more attention and focus on my lucidity though... Nevertheless my efforts are beginning to show results!

Second sight of Mt. Shasta (9:40)

High school, classroom, there's the informatics teacher. I'm at the back row. I know I'm dreaming, I stand up.

- "I have a question.."
- "Yes?", the teacher looked at me and asked.
- "Regarding that stuff of yesterday..."

Now that I think of it I don't remember what exactly I was going to ask, but before I finished he already seemed to understand what I was going to ask and with a sour face went to the second blackboard. Lucidity was not very high.. In the meantime I crawl under the desk, so that I'm between two rows of desks now. Suddenly I'm very short, not higher than the tables! There are two in front of me, sitting, on the left a girl with long hair. I wanted to "mess" with her, but I changed my mind. Which was a good idead if I may add! I get to the window and shomehow fly out. It was kind of odd, can't recall exactly how I got out of the window, the next thing I know I'm on a train. It's a school trip to somewhere. I look out of the window and see a mountain! Mt. Shasta again, I just knew it was it! It was similar (perhaps identic) to the one in the first dream. The train was riding just next to it. I'm still lucid, but low level. I couldn't see the top of it, it was so high. I kept looking it was really a beautiful sight! Then, I don't remember but I somehow crawled out of the window and swung myself up in the sky! I forgot some fragments here, lucidity was low. I was flying now, over the mountain. I saw some sort of houses on top of it. There was no snow though, just lots of houses, reminded me of China. I wanted to land on some sort of town square, so I somehow started to descend. I don't remember how or if I landed because I woke up.

Well! This one was cool too! Could do a (much!) better job to get higher lucidity, but..... There were too many people in that classroom and I got distracted (like always). Lucidity was low, so I don't recall some details. The top of the mountain was barren or something, no vegetation.. Well, two successes in one morning, ain't that cool! Very Happy

Thanx for reading and I wish you as much success as I had (and MORE! Very Happy) with the Mt. Shasta project!


Here's an unsuccessful attempt of mine (I could actually count these as two attempts, but I interrupted the first one..); copy/paste:

Crystal Moon, Day 19, Alpha (17/Jun/03)
Galactic tone 11: spectral (dissolve, release, liberation)
Solar seal 15: blue eagle (creates vision)

Thanx to all of you! Wink

WBTB (5:20 - 6Bravo0)

I remember dreaming of Jackie Chan, low cellular battery and going out of school when I woke up for WBTB.

I did a pretty intensive MILD before going back to sleep with WBTB. I had 2 LDs, possibly classifiable as WiLDs! Very Happy Problem is that I didn't pause between my two attempts two write things down, so I forgot lots of details, also at the end of the second, shortly after awakening, my celular rang, making me forget a lot of things. Confused

Prelude to my book search (around 8:00 or 8:30)

I was in my dream room, near my dream bed, I knew I was dreaming, I paused to raise my lucidity level a bit, by breathing and rubbing hands. Like I said I forgot things. I was looking at my closet , it was a totally different one, old style, similar or identical to the one we have in our old house (10 yards away from this house). There were all kinds of stuff there, statuettes, books, clocks, even candles I think and I-don't-know-what-else. I approached the book section when I noticed that my heart was pounding really really fast. I was beginning to worry and after a few moments I decided that it would be better to wake up and I kind of voluntarily did it. There was no sign of high-rate heartbeat now, so it must have been a dream. LOL! Very Happy

Like I said I immediately gave it another shot, while I should have taken a break to write things down..

Searching for a book on Mt. Shasta ()

It was pretty much the same identical situation, in my room, at the closet which was this time a little emptier if I recall correctly. Again I concentrated a bit and headed for the books section. I wanted to find a book on Mt. Shasta, I even pictured a book with a mountain on its cover in my head. Very Happy Well, I found none... I browsed thru the entire shelf, checking covers, but there were no relevant books on this subject. There were lots of them, all sorts and I spent quite a while looking at them although I can't really remember what they were all about. I remember browsing thru one particular book that caught my attention but I just can't remember what it was about.. Eventually I woke up. Too bad. But it was cool and next time I'll browse inside every single book, I'm really curious what my mind will come up with! Very Happy This is very intriguing! Wink

I can't say I'm disappointed because it was anyway a curious dream. Too bad I can't remember the details, interferences again.. Eh.....
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Its a very good things that dreaming is a pretty important part of their culture. Psychoactive Plants
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