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Pridružen/-a: Sob, 14. Jun 2003 14:34
Prispevkov: 3707
Kraj: Primorska

PrispevekObjavljeno: Pon 08. Sep 2003 1:42 Odgovori s citatomNazaj na vrh

Tokrat v skrajšani obliki. Preberite si, se izplača. Wink

The Waves: 06. Journey to the Lucid Crossroads
Magnetic Moon (July 26 to August 22, 2003)
Š 2003 Nick Cumbo

The Waves is a newsletter reporting on the explorations of the Sea Life community. Sea Life, the main web forum at Dreampeace, aims to bring together a circle of dreamers from around the globe, collaborating in mutual dreaming adventures, and ‘dreaming with and for the earth itself’

Link: http://www.dreamofpeace.net/sealife

This moon, the people at Sea Life, took a journey to a mutual dreamspace known as the Lucid Crossroads. The Lucid Crossroads, was originally created, by Russell (Pantalimon), a dreamer from the UK, using 3-dimensional graphics, to form the basis of a meeting place for dreamers from around the world.

Link: http://crossroads.dreamofpeace.net/

Complete with some groovy looking couches, two receptionists by the names of Clem and Glad, an ‘Am I Dreaming?’ sign, and even a guest book, the Lucid Crossroads is also a place for the ‘dream traveller to reflect before choosing a new dream via the dream doors’. Set in a calm, tranquil, desert landscape, it’s a great hub for dreamers to meet at, and accessible by a large variety of vehicles. Dreamers can even visit by hot-air balloon!

When Pantalimon, decided that “Sea Life, with its emphasis on mutual dreaming and the 13 Moon Calendar” would become the homebase for the Lucid Crossroads, I suggested that the Lucid Crossroads project would also become an annual event for the dreamers at Sea Life. The mutual benefits of collaboration, were immediate, with greatly increased visitors to both communities.

During the project, many of the dreamers at Sea Life reported spontaneous dreams of travelling to the Crossroads in their sleep, though there were a large number of conscious attempts to visit too. A particularly interesting part of the project revolved around determining whether a visit to the crossroads were merely a creation of one’s subconscious mind, or whether the Lucid Crossroads existed on the astral planes. Timeless Soul’s dream gave us some interesting insight, into the phenomenon.

A few years ago, Timeless_Soul had created a ring called DreamWeaver, to give him good dream recall, and greater stability in lucid dreams. “My brother and I made it by thinking ‘if the dream is done by belief, than if we create items that make us do certain things, it will be easier to do things in a lucid dream. Ie. fly, transform, shared dreaming etc.’ We made a few items in our mind and I went looking for dreamweaver, but never found it. For two years I never thought of it again”


I am standing in what feels like an alcove in a wall or in front of a big throne. The walls are stone. In front of me I can see a rather large room, with columns that raise to the roof. They rise into darkness. There are people standing in a semi circle maybe 10 meters away. Standing forward from the group is a man wearing rich blue clothes. He steps forward & has a very big smile on his face. “Hello Richard”. Somewhat confused and rather amazed I say “Hello….” He walks up to me. “ I have something for you Richard”. He opens his hand and produces a ring. “Remember this”. My eyes burn with joy “DreamWeaver!”. He laughs. He takes my right hand and puts it on my finger. I don’t bother trying to control my emotions. My view changes to further away and I can see myself standing in the alcove. I yell “YES!” the world shakes and a blue energy wave shoots out from me. The man in blue steps back but is not really affected. The others, the spectators, fall over when the beam hits them. My view returns.

The man in blue laughs “your strength and power increases greatly with DreamWeaver, be careful”. I nod. He looks at me and says “don’t go yet Richard, you have questions don’t you” I nod again and feel as if I am In the little alcove for a reason and it would be out of place for me to step out. I speak

“Is shared dreaming/mutual dreaming possible?” The man laughs “of course, you have had one too” I nod “OK. Places like the crossroads, how are they created; in the astral world, or are they just in our minds?” He doesn’t even hesitate with the answer “If they are created for the purpose of mutual dreaming, than, even subconsciously, they are created in the astral world and people can go there. Your world, Richard, even though you have thought it doesn’t, exists, and a few people have already gone.” I smile & think, then say “thank you”. He nods. “But who are you?”, to which he replies, “You need not worry, we will meet again”. I smile and wake.


What made the experience even more interesting, is that the same night, he also had an experience of meeting another dreamer at the forum, waterstarrainbow (Alana). Waterstarrainbow is a close personal friend, and when Timeless_Soul described the conversation he’d had with her, I couldn’t help but laugh. It sure sounded, a lot like her, especially his mention of her earrings; which are certainly a recognisable element of her appearance at times.

Other dreamers seemed to pick up on the nature of the Lucid Crossroads being ‘under development’. MeKenzie (DM7) reported her experience of meeting the receptionist Glad, who told her that the crossroads weren’t yet completed. Soon after, MeKenzie, passed through one of the ‘dream doors’, and found herself in ‘wizard school’.

Similarly, EynKiora’s dream indicated slight alterations to the design, including the appearance of three ‘large, black ladies’ as the receptionists. When EynKiora asked what had happened to Clem and Glad, one of them replied that “they’ve been released”. As it turned out, at the time, Pantalimon was in the process of restyling the receptionists, building Clem’s features from photos of an afro carribean male.

One of the other fascinating stories, came from CCHawk, a member of the ‘Universal Wheel’ dream team:


Upon realizing I'm dreaming I rub my hands and everything gets moderately clearer... I'm about mid to mid/high in lucidity at this point. I think about what I want to do and easily think of the crossroads. I take another look in the mirror, and it now looks like an aquarium... and many fish are swimming about inside. I think of Sea Life, and even out loud say, "Sea Life...". The fish get startled and start scurrying around, I notice they assemble themselves to spell something. It reads, "Is There More". I am puzzled as to what it means.

I get back on track and remember the crossroads, and start wondering how I'm gonna get there. I look at my bathroom door and imagine the crossroads being behind it. I open it to see a long hallway in front of me... and all the walls, floor and ceiling are black and white checkered, like a chess board.

I am not satisfied, because this is not the crossroads... and close the door. I try imagining once again and open the door. This time there is another door directly behind it, and I open it too. As soon as it's opened, my vision seems to fade and I feel like I'm going to wake up... but soon enough, things start fading back in. When the dream comes back into focus, I happily find myself to now be right in the middle of the crossroads. I'm standing right in front of the couches, and like the website, notice blue cushions on them and the floating table... but the table seems to be made of steirofoam or something. I look around and notice that there's no doors around the crossroads, but the well is there. The receptionists are missing as well. I feel the heat of the sun on my neck, and look up to see a bright sun above, but no balloons floating.

I look back at the crossroads themselves, and feel totally aware at this point... I am at high lucidity. I notice the piece of paper on the floating table and that there is something written on it in green writing. I run up and read what it says; here's what I see:

I hope and want you to come see this, friend. (Some weird words here...)

(A sentence I can't make out.)

Soon enough, we will be here at one time.


I smile knowing that this message was from Valter (Strawin). I hear something behind me up in the sky; it sounds like a chinese gong or something. When I turn around and look up, all I see is the sun like before. The brightness of the sun is blinding, and it easily causes me to wake up.


CCHawk was overjoyed with the dream, and expressed some further amazement at the message given by the fish in the aquarium. Meanwhile, some powerful tingles rushed through my head, as I read this latest account from CCHawk.

I was pretty stunned. Only hours before, I’d come online to discover the message, I’d had a dream involving the very same two members, CCHawk and Valter (Strawin)! Both happen to be part of the ‘Universal Wheel’ dream team. In my dream, CCHawk had written a letter to Valter (Strawin); part of it speaking about how he happy he was to be part of a team. It seemed, in my dream, I’d picked up on his letter of reply.

The ‘Lucid Crossroads’ project will continue to be a big part of the Sea Life forum, especially with new plans from Pantalimon, to build a ‘Sea Life’ area into the design of the crossroads. What’s great is that teams can also use the Lucid Crossroads throughout the year, as the basis of smaller projects run exclusively within a single team.

In Pantalimon’s words, “If someone is aways trying to get there that means that someone is constantly attempting to construct the place in their mind. As the months and years go by this "must" strengthen the stability and "realness" of the Crossroads, and the intense dreaming by the groups on this forum will accelerate that four fold”


Stay tuned next moon for the results of our ‘Journey to Antarctica’. We welcome new dreamers to join us in our adventures.

Email: explora@dreamofpeace.net
Forum: http://www.dreamofpeace.net/sealife
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